For 20 years, our elite professionals at TCM have been providing assurance to our clients in critical environments, from financial institutions and healthcare organisations to top end manufacturers. Organisations like yours, with critical needs, critical time constraints and critical customer bases.

Every complex issue demanding critical solutions. Wherever, whenever and whatever required. Those critical moments, when your resources aren’t available, our experts are. When the eyes of the world are on your systems, we’re there to preserve the view.

TCM Solutions are the proven supplier of critical IT services.

Is it critical you speak to us right now? Perhaps not…but why wait until it is?


Nonstop services

We are the UK's No.1 independent, NonStop services provider. It's called NonStop for a reason. We ensure your systems stay that way.

If you rely on NonStop systems, it is vital you use the NonStop experts. Us.



TCM Solutions understands how to operate within no margin for error, with zero tolerance for second best service.

Healthcare IT presents complex challenges. We understand what it takes to support Healthcare IT.

TCM Solutions was founded in 1996 serving the HP NonStop Financial and Banking Services community.

Naturally, it meant delivering the very highest level of service, whilst being flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ emerging needs. By 2003, the Healthcare sector had started to realise the benefits of having an expert on board ensuring their IT wouldn’t let them or their patients down.

Today our specialisms extend to anything and all things that are IT and critical.

We are not just a business. We are a collaboration. Our people make us what we are. We have the integrity, the knowledge, the expertise, the professionalism and the commitment to create a culture dedicated to our customers, our people and our communities.

  • Our Standards

    TCM adheres to strict Standards of Practice to ensure that the delivery of our services meet our customer’s requirments and preserve the stability, safety and suitability of our operations. The following information covers some of TCM’s core standards.

  • Quality Management

    TCM’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive approach focussed on ensuring consistent standards in the provision of service to customers. In-depth processes relating to each stage of client engagement guarantee TCM’s customers receive the exact service they require.

    TCM’s QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard and is audited bi-annually.


  • Service Management

    TCM’s Service Management System (SMS) provides for the effective design, transition, operation and continual improvement of our services to customers. This ensures TCM has a base level understanding of the customer’s needs from the very beginning of contact, and persistently monitors to maintain achievement of that goal, making improvements where possible.

    TCM’s SMS is certified to ISO 20000-1:2011 standard and is audited bi-annually.


  • Information Security Management

    TCM’s Information Security Management System is installed to protect all information assets within the company. The system is design to prevent against the unauthorised access, distribution or copying of information and data, preserving the safety and security of such from parties both within and external to TCM.

    TCM’s ISMS is certified to ISO 27001:2005 standard and is audited bi-annually.


Our Standards of Practice and other policies.

Delivering Value. Inspiring trust.

Critical is our speciality, we don’t just support we improve.


At TCM we respect the synergy of two like-minded organisations bringing together their own specific expertise to deliver superior service to their customers.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Whether it is with our colleagues or with our customers, finding the means to work together effectively is core to how we get the job done.

Partnering therefore, is second nature to us.

We work for you, with you.

Explore the possibilities of harnessing our collective skills and capabilities.